We draw parallels between Romania in 1989 and Egypt and Tunisia today.
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Here’s the introduction from The Jim Bohannon Show:

The events in Egypt may sound familiar to some. In a way, the same sort of thing took place almost 22 years ago in Romania.

We’ll chat for a while tonight about the similarities — and the differences — with former U.S. Ambassador to Romania Jim Rosapepe and his wife, former ABC News correspondent Sheilah Kast, who have co-written the book “Dracula Is Dead: How Romanians Survived Communism, Ended It, and Emerged since 1989 as the New Italy” (published by Bancroft Press).

It’s an amazing tour of an amazing land — beyond Dracula, beyond orphans, beyond Communism — to the vibrant culture, unique history, and 21st Century skills that define modern Romania. (The book’s website is www.DraculaIsDead.com.)