When most people hear the name of the country Romania they automatically associate it with Dracula and old haunted castles. Dracula Is Dead wants readers to realize that there is much more to Romania than scary stories to tell around the campfire.

Jim Rosapepe is the former U.S. ambassador to Romania; Sheilah Kast is his wife and a journalist. Together they traveled every mile of Romania, seeing both the rustic and the rundown and, overall, the breathtaking beauty of this country.

Romania’s people survived one of the most oppressive Communist regimes in history. Fittingly, this book was published as part of the 20th anniversary of the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe.

In a writing style that seems to blend travel guide and memoir, the authors have a fluent, easy-to-follow, conversational first-person style. They call Romania the new Italy, and with its vibrant culture, Latinate language and dazzling creativity, it’s easy to see why they feel that way. They make readers feel like booking a trip to this remarkable country, that they might witness the bright future of this peaceful part of Europe.

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