Sheilah and Jim - first winter in Romania - Brasov
Jim and Sheilah - listening to Romanians during a town meeting
Jim listening to very young Romanians on his tour around the country
"America Listening to Romanians" - one of the several walking tours in a market in Tulcea
After the December 1989 Revolution, Romanians cut the Communist insignia out of their flag to symbolize the end of the Ceausescu regime. Romanian Senate President Petre Roman gave ...
During the Revolution of December 1989, anti-Communists cut the Communist coat of arms from the center of the socialist republic's flag and waved the residue as their new banner.
Romanian Orthodox Patriarch Teoctist chatting with Jim at the U.S. Embassy's July 4th celebration, with translation help by Alfred Fusman
President Constantinescu, Romanian Ambassador to the U.S. Mircea Geoana, President Clinton, and Jim in the White House in 1999
Pope John Paul II and Patriarch Teoctist celebrating together in Bucharest in 1999, the first visit of a Roman Catholic pope to an Orthodox country since the Great Schism in 1054
The Pope's visit to Romania in 1999 was a breakthrough in ecumenical relations of continental, if not worldwide, significance. Over three days in June 1999,...
[..]it was hard to convey that Mrs. Ambassador was looking for a really cheap used car, because it didn't match what people expected Mrs. Ambassador to drive...
Sheilah's Renault receiving its last rites
Today's Boy (and Girl) Scouts in Romania
At lunch at the Ambassador's Residence, Prince Radu (the King's son-in law), Princess Margareta, Jim, King Michael, Queen Anne, and Sheilah
King Michael of Romania in the late 1940s
Vlad Tepes, also known as Dracula
Jim's niece Allison Bodwell with picture of Vlad Tepes (aka, Dracula) at the chapel at Snagov Lake where he is said to have been buried
At the Dracula Club Restaurant in Bucharest, the legend (taking the form of actor Petre Moraru) comes face to face with guests like former Maryland State Senator Arthur Dorman.
Jim and Mayor Klaus Johannis working as Santas in Sibiu, raising money for the poor